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Tapped House is a media production company focused on collective story telling. Started in 2017 on the patio of a Vegas Hotel after a Magic The Gathering Tournament by two brothers. It evolved and took shape through different games. Sam and Tallent went from doing long form MTG content, to Table Top Role Playing Game Radio Shows. Then in the summer of 2021 they decided to make their first movie and haven't looked back. Over the last two years they've partnered with On The Fence Productions and ReWired Geek to bring title including The Need, Games We Play, The Apophenia, Check Please and Hallow Ian Horror Hour to film festivals and television.

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When mathematician Florence's partner dies, she is sent on a spiral of grief and obsession to find the patterns to reverse what happened.

Starring Erica McAdams and Kyle Traver. The Apophenia has won best Sci-fi, Best Director, Best Poster and Best Actress at Hollywood Blood and Horror Film Festival- Best Kill at Motor City Film Festival and been featured at another of other festivals. It will make it's public premiere this fall on the Hallow Ian Horror Hour.

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