Hallowe'en 1933, the mischief was taken to the extreme by trick or treaters. Cutting down telephone lines, flipping cars, starting fires, and more. We follow four young trick or treaters on the night of The Black Hallowe'en! 

Thank You!

Hallow Ian Horror Hour season one was a success. Hallow Ian has been laid to rest. Sam is looking for short films and music videos for a season two. Reach out at hallowianhorrorhour@gmail.com

Hallow Ian Horror Hour Kick Off

Great turnout for our premier watch party of the HALLOW IAN HORROR HOUR last night with On The Fence Productions! Thank you to everyone who contributed time and art to this and upcoming episodes, and BIG shout out to Showboat Seattle for hosting our group (we highly recommend you check them out)! If you missed the premier, find the first episode premiering on our YouTube channel today at 3pm, and each Saturday in October at 3pm we'll release NEW EPISODES!


Games We Play - Official Release

ReWired Geek, On The Fence Productions and Tapped House TV teamed up again for this year's summer 48 Hour Film Festival in Seattle and made The Games We Play. You can now view the short on YouTube!

A D&D game has lost one of its members, but can the group survive. their secrets. 


Stickers and Tee Shirts Available 

Inquire at tappedhousetv@gmail.com

The Apophenia Has Been Selected

Receiving another selection, time for Cabin In The Woods in Seattle. It will screen in Block 5, Children of the Grey Skies, More information can be found at https://www.cabininthewoodsfilmfestival.com/team-3